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Do you want your viewers to have a better connection with your group’s cause? We can provide it with a professionally produced video explaining who your group is, what they do, and how others can help.

Statistics show that people are more likely to be interested in, and relate to, a visual aid rather than having to read details. By telling your story with a video you’re increasing reach for more viewers, showing viewers why people are involved, and showing how your group has had a positive effect on others’ lives. Additionally, if your group planning on hosting a fundraising event, we can provide professional photography services that include editing and color correction.

Gala Videos

Examples of our Work

Cuddle My Kids

HEADstrong Foundation

Riddle Hospital Gala | Introduction Video

Promotional Videos

Looking to promote an event you have planned? Rip Roarin productions has experience creating promotional videos of all kinds including non-profits, charity events, and corporate events. Our promo videos will have guests ready to mark their calendars and excited for the big day.

Examples of Our Work

Cuddle My Kids Promo

Man O'War Trailer

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