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Rip Roarin Sports is an all encompassing sports documentary series that covers stories of athletes, teams, and coaches in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. We will dive deep into the lives of the Philadelphia sports community highlighting their backgrounds, successes, set-backs, decisions, and the inside questions that the people want to know. Each 30 minute weekly episode will focus on one team(s) or member(s) of the sports community whose hard work has paid off and whose story deserves to be told.

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Episode: Title Town

Episode Description: Jason Myrtetus (97.5 The Fanatic) sits down with legendary ice hockey coach, Nick Russo, as he pursues a historical sixth state championship and Flyers Cup in a row. Growing up in Western New York, Russo started playing hockey on the streets of his neighborhood before playing on an organized team at the age of eight. He went on to play as one of the 20 best players in Buffalo at 16 and became the head coach of his high school’s team at the age of 20. Even though he grew up in New York, he has made West Chester his home. Coaching at West Chester, Villanova, Neumann, Rustin, and more, he helped create a loving unified community with a passion for ice hockey. At his current coaching position at Rustin, he brought together kids from rival schools and created a team from the ground up. Now, as he pursues this historical accomplishment, he gets to tell his story of how it all came to be and where he looks to go from here.

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