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First impressions are everything when it comes to online shopping. If you’re looking to showcase every aspect of your products, Rip Roarin Products 360° is here to help. Whether you are looking to increase sales or expand customer engagement, Rip Roarin Productions creates eye-catching 360° product photography.

Using professional equipment, our team of skilled photographers and content editors can accommodate your company’s photography needs, delivering files usable for e-commerce websites, Amazon listings, trade show displays, and more. Our in-studio, 360° product photography service allows clients to send us their products and let us handle the rest.

How it Works

Step 1
Products Received
Once you ship your products to our facility, our team will sort through and prepare them to be photographed.

Step 2
Products Photographed
Our team of professionals will then use professional 360-degree equipment and the best cameras available to capture your products from all angles.

Step 3
Images Approved
After your images and interactive videos have been properly retouched for use, we will provide you with previews to ensure your needs have been met. Once you have had the opportunity to approve the images, they will be yours to keep.

Step 4
Content Delivered
Then, you will receive a copy of the approved images through digital delivery depending upon the amount of storage space needed. *External hard drives can be purchased if necessary.

Step 5
Products Returned
After your project has been photographed and you have received the files for online sale, we ship the items back to you. *Clients are responsible for all shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Here’s the Equipment We Use to Make Your Products Standout

Cameras used:

  • Sony A7iii, with Tamron 28-75 lens (24.2mp)
  • Sony A7sii, with Tamron 28-75 lens (12.2 mp)
  • Canon 6D mkii, with Tamron 24-70mm lens (26.2 mp)

Software/hardware used:

  • Iconasys branded
    • Shutter Stream 360, background removal tools
    • Automated 360 product view creator

Studio set-up:

  • 4 high-powered HPS-style lights
  • 1 high-powered LED-style light
  • Acrylic risers to eliminate shadows
  • Astra Bi-Color LED light panels
  • Impact 4-socket fluorescent fixtures with soft boxes and diffusion
  • Light stands, mounting, and hanging truss system
  • Pure white base
  • Pure white background


  • 19 ½ inch
  • 30 inch
  • 40 inch
  • 48 inch
  • 60 inch

Quality (output):

  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Size: 2500×2500 PIXELS
  • File type: JPEG
  • Video: 1920×1080 dimensions
    • Both interactive (web-friendly) and standard MP4 files.
  • Images per row: 24 images taken for a spin (up to 36 can be done)
    • 3 rows (angles) max, this is optional.

360-Degree Photography (8-36 shots)

Shoppers feel that interacting with 360-degree images is comparable to holding the product itself by showing all angles of any product. With our state of the art technology and software your photos will be crisp, professionally lit and color corrected for a next level customer experience.


HTML5 Files, compatible for independent websites. Price varying on number of angles requested.

  • Under 50 Products – $100 to $130 per product spin
  • Over 50 Products – $85 to $105 per product spin

360-Degree Photography (4-72 Photos)

360° product photography gives online shoppers the feeling of seeing a product first-hand by displaying all angles of the products in an interactive format. Photos are taken using a Canon 6D and Sony A7iii providing viewers crisp, professional images for an advanced online shopping experience. *Exportable in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or RAW formats.

Blue Shelf 360

PAC SK48 360

DSP STd 360

heavy duty 360 photography turntable 06

Large 360 photography turntable 360 camera software USB

Large-360 photography turntable 360 camera software USB

360-Degree High Resolution Video

Our 360-Degree high-resolution videos are shot using a Canon 6D and Sony A7iii to provide customers a 360° continuous loop of your product. Videos can be purchased individually or in addition to 360° product photography packages and are compatible with independent websites and Amazon listings. *Exportable in MP4, GIF, and HTML5 formats.

Still Shot

For still shots of products, we use a Canon 6D and Sony A7iii camera to ensure that every shot is crystal-clear. With precision shooting, lighting, and color correction editing, customers will be able to see every detail of your products. Still Shots are provided in files compatible with independent websites and Amazon listings. *Exportable in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or RAW formats.

For pricing, contact us to discuss costs based on the product being photographed.

Still photo

Blue Shelf

Dumond Test Kit


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