Sell Homes Quicker With Professional Video & Virtual Tours

In today’s Real Estate market, the first thing potential clients look at when searching for a new home are photos. With our services, you can not only provide professional photography, but go above and beyond their expectations with a virtual tour.

Virtual tours provide an audio-visual experience to each and every one of your buyers. Our production team will create tours that showcase the most important aspects of a home from a buyer’s perspective. This includes a full in-home and outdoor tour of the property as well as drone footage of the location of the property.

Because clients will be able to view their future home from the comfort of their current home, you will create a more relaxed experience for the buyer. Stay ahead of your competition by giving clients a feel for the property and its surroundings before they even step foot inside!

Real Estate Photo & Video Marketing Pricing

All images to be delivered within 24 hours. Deliverable time-frame for videos to be discussed and agreed upon.

Pricing below is based upon square footage of houses for homes under 4,000 square feet. Pricing will increase for all houses over 4,000 square feet, as more images and coverage will be needed.

Interior/Exterior Images

  • Up to 40 images delivered
  • $200

Drone Images

  • Up to 12 images and/or filming of location
  • $150

Interior/Exterior/Drone Images

  • Interior and exterior photos as well as drone images. To be discussed and agreed upon
  • $325

Interior/Exterior/Drone with some add-Ons

  • Interior/exterior/drone with video slide show, music, motion graphic text info
  • $400-$550.
  • *$100 for real estate agent introduction on camera.*

Hunter Drive Home Tour with Real Estate Agent

L’enfant Home Tour with Real Estate Agent

Interior/Exterior/Drone with Steady Cam

  • Interior/exterior/drone images/film
  • Steady camera video
  • Animation motion graphics, text, music and real estate agent introduction.
  • (Add professional voice/over option.)
  • $800-$2,000

Judson Drive Home Tour

High-End Real Estate Sample (Over 4.000 sq. ft.)

Our Videos

Laurel Ridge Home Tour

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Drone Photography

Interior Photograhpy

Residential Virtual Tours

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Laurel Ridge – Home tour

Reserve at West Goshen

Commercial Virtual Tours

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Swope Lees – Bank tour

Real Estate Video Marketing

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Glenn White – Master Builders Tour

Swope Lees – Marketing Video

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