8 Proven Tips for Creating Testimonial Videos

When customers are considering your product or service, it is important to make them feel confident in their purchase. You need to ensure that they know your product or service is worthy. However, if the information is only coming from you it may lack some believability. Testimonial videos are a proven sales and marketing tool that allow your customers to hear how awesome your product or service is from an outside source: other customers.

Though testimonial videos are a phenomenal strategy, they can be tricky to get just right. That is why we have compiled a list of tips to help you produce the perfect testimonial videos.

Forget the Script
Make Sure the Interviewee Has Time to Prepare
Plan a Layout for Your Video
Choose an Appropriate Setting
Develop an Emotional Connection
Stick to the Point
Use High Quality Equipment
Edit Well

1. Forget the Script

One of the keys to a successful testimonial video is that it needs to seem natural. If you were to tell your interviewee exactly what they should say about your product or service, it would be easy to spot a lack of authenticity. That is why, though you should plan questions in advance, you should not use a script.

2. Make Sure the Interviewee Has Time to Prepare

Though there should be no written script for your testimonial video, it is important that you have some general questions and talking points for your interviewee to review in preparation. The last thing you would want is to have everything ready for shooting, and your interviewee to be unprepared. This could lead to additional costs for reshoots and may cause the interviewee to feel uncomfortable on camera.

3. Plan a Layout for Your Video

When you are preparing to film your testimonial video, it is important that you have some general planning done. This will ensure that things run smoothly, and your final video has a good flow to it.

4. Choose an Appropriate Setting

When deciding on a location to film your testimonial video, there are several things to consider. Whether you decide to film in a studio or on site somewhere, it is imperative that you take into account where you will get the best lighting and least distracting background. Most importantly, you want to be sure that whatever location you choose, your interviewee feels comfortable.

5. Develop an Emotional Connection

Potential customers definitely want to know all the facts about your product or service, but before you can get their mental attention you need to develop an emotional connection. A testimonial video is the perfect way to do this. If the customer feels as though they can relate to your interviewee, and your interviewee has had a positive experience with the product, the client will feel connected to your brand and more likely to go through with the purchase.

6. Stick to the Point

When you take everything previously addressed into account, it may seem difficult to keep your testimonial video short and to the point. If you end up talking with the interviewee for longer than anticipated, that it okay and will likely be beneficial when editing comes around. However, once you are finally finished with the editing and ready to post your testimonial video, it should be no longer than 2-3 minutes or you will risk losing future customers attention.

7. Use High Quality Equipment

It can be easy to film a testimonial video with whatever equipment you have on hand, whether it be your iPhone or an average quality camera, but if you want your testimonial video to stand out and look professional it is important to stay away from the easy route. Using high quality equipment (cameras, microphones, tripods, editing software) will pay off in the form of increased sales and ensure the time you spent preparing and filming was worth it.

8. Edit Well

Once you’ve completed filming you will likely have a ton of content: some great and some not so much. That is where editing comes into play. It is important to take the time to look through the material and put together the best segments in a way that has a rhythm and feels natural. This can be difficult for someone who lacks a background in video editing, but it is not hard to find professionals who can do the job for you. Another thing to consider when editing, is adding text to the video. Even if it is as simple as the interviewee’s name and the words “current or former client,” it can help to keep viewers’ attention and make your testimonial video look even more professional.

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