Rip Roarin Studio – Virtual Meetings & Events

As meetings move from in-person to virtual, it can be problematic to host a large meeting or event from your home office space. Whether you have dogs barking, children studying, or simply don’t feel that your equipment can handle the task, there are some offered spaces you may consider utilizing. Rip Roarin Productions is excited to announce the opening of our new Studio, one such space located right in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

If your work from home studio isn’t quite cutting it, Rip Roarin Studio may be the perfect solution. Our all-new studio is stacked with professional equipment to help you make the most of your virtual meetings. Whether you are looking to live stream a town hall event, virtual trade show, or interview, we can get the job done professionally. We support streaming platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and more.

Rip Roarin Studio is fully equipped with the following professional equipment.

1.4k UHD Cameras
2.Professional lighting kit
3.Professional audio
4.Green screen background and various colored backdrops
6.Soundproofing for high-quality audio
7.Tripods, jib, slider, and stabilizer
8.Light reflectors and diffusers

With the help of our professional team and equipment, we can ensure that your virtual meetings and events go off without a hitch. Alleviate stress and unnecessary work with the help of Rip Roarin Productions.

Beyond being the perfect space to live-stream virtual meetings and events, Rip Roarin Studio can also be used for the following: headshot photography, product photography including 360°, commercial video production, multi/single camera interviews, and live recording.

If you are interested in learning more about Rip Roarin Studio or would like to set up a time to use the space, contact us today at 267-597-1477 or!