The Importance of Team Photos: Club, School and Professional Team Photography

Every parent looks forward to the annual team pictures that come around for every club, school, and even professional team. But why are they so important? Why is it engrained in our minds to sit in front of a camera and smile alongside our teammates for
a day? The answer comes from the whole idea of a team.

T – Together

Team pictures bring the team together, both physically and metaphorically. Often times in schools and clubs, the team picture is the first time that all of the members are in uniform together. This is important for members to connect with one another
and see themselves as one unit. By coming together for a picture, teammates stand together. This one picture acts as a physical object that reminds everyone of how they must work together in order to have a positive end result.

West Chester Ice Hockey Team Photo

West Chester Ice Hockey Portrait on the Ice

E- Envision

Similar to bringing the team together, the picture allows players to envision how they will play in the future. Getting together for a picture is an exciting time to document what the team looks forward to for that season. By taking a good picture,
the team can envision a successful and positive season.

A – Application

One of the more practical uses of team pictures is for applicative purposes. Young members can use the team and individual pictures to not only document their past experiences but also show all the expertise they have gained from their past teams.
When applying for future teams, members can use their pictures to reinforce their background knowledge and talent.

M – Memories

One of the most important uses of team pictures is for memories. A team’s season is full of ups and downs, victories and defeats, hard and good times, and of course every experience in between. A team picture reminds each player of their teammates
and the friendships they made, of the coach and how they impacted the team, and of course of the entire season. A single picture has the power to bring back all the feelings that a member or even family member felt during that particular season
and allows them to reflect back for a brief second.

West Chester Ice Hockey Portrait

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