The Power of Video Marketing

Did you know that the origin of written text dates back to about 3000 BC and humans existed millions of years before that? But, even before the written word, humans learned, experimented and discovered new things from mirroring or repeating what we see. From the beginning of time, this ability – and need – to repeat what we see has been ingrained in our DNA.

Fast forward to today’s world. Do you notice when you browse Facebook or another social media channel that most posts are accompanied by some visual aid? The percentage of online content that is exclusively text-based has reduced drastically; even news websites and how-to articles are increasingly more visual.

In this blog, Rip Roarin Productions explores why our society has progressed – or maybe regressed – back to a state of consuming content that is more visual in nature than it is text-based.

Have You Ever Wondered Why Video Content Is So Appealing?

There have been countless studies on this same subject, but all seem to provide similar conclusions: as we consume different types of content, we engage different types of cognitive abilities in order to comprehend and absorb that content.

Let’s examine a few reasons why we lean more towards video.

Processing Time and Cognition

According to this article published by Psychology Today, our brain processes video information 60,000 times faster than reading the text. No, that’s not a typo.

Video content, eases the demands on our cognitive abilities. Because it’s easier to consume this type of content, we often consume more of it. An average adult watches 206 videos online per month, and it’s more likely that video content will get shared, and receive comments and likes.

Creating an Emotional Impact

Video is often very effective at engaging us emotionally. Although a part of us needs intellectual stimulation, the emotional bonding that you create is more likely to influence your life choices. That’s why it’s such an effective marketing strategy!

When ideas are associated with emotions the efficiency of human recall increases. That’s why creating a visual story around a message that you’re trying to get across has higher chances of connecting with your audience.

Understanding and Trust

If you’re reading a piece of text, there is a chance that your final opinion of it will be affected by your current mood, what you were doing just before you started reading, and other factors similar to these.

Imagine trying to introduce your product to a room of potential customers. Don’t you think it would be easier for you AND them if you could show them instead of just tell them about it?

If you’re still not sure, think about what you would prefer if you were a consumer. Add to that, we always prefer personal interaction, sure there are exceptions. Watching another person engage with a product via video helps to associate the product with a message, making it more appealing to a customer!

What Your Video Marketing Strategy Should Include

Not that we’ve established that a video marketing strategy is essential for your brand’s success, it’s time for a few pointers. Here are a few tips that you should always keep in mind when creating a video marketing strategy:

1.Your video should educate users automatically making you an authority in the field.
2.It should have a good story-line that your audience can relate to.
3.Ask your audience for feedback. This will engage them on a higher level and give you a better understanding of your audience.
4.Don’t make a sales pitch in every video. People often dislike being sold to. Instead, be an enabler in their decision-making process.

Whether you’re trying to get people to believe in your ideas, teach something or sell something, a video message is always going to be more effective.

Remember, a video that talks to your audience and touches their pain points will help you connect with them on a deeper level – isn’t that the goal?

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