Why You Should Consider Video Marketing When Launching a New Product

Are you getting ready to launch a new product and concerned that you don’t have enough done in the ways of marketing to help it take off? It may be time for you to consider video marketing as a tool to show off your product before it hits the market.

If you’re hesitant to believe that it is actually worth the investment, we’ve compiled a list of ways that video marketing can benefit your product launch.

Get People Excited

Using videos will allow you to build customer’s anticipation in the time leading up to a product launch. Depending upon how well your video is done, it can have the potential to draw thousands of people to your product before it is even available. Yes, you could simply share pictures or descriptions of your upcoming products, but a video will give customers more to take in. This means you will attract more potential customers by providing a clear depiction of the quality and worth of your new product.

See Initial Reactions

Launching a new product can be a very stressful time, as it can be difficult to predict how successfully the product will sell. With video marketing, you can get a sense of customers’ reactions to the product before it is even on the market. Sharing a video online allows for a lot of feedback to be received, which will help you better prepare for your product’s launch and potentially make adjustments based on how the market is reacting.

Increase Social Shares

Videos are taking over social media. If you don’t believe me, check out Instagram. Users are being fed any number of videos advertising products every day. Current and future customers are more likely to be attracted to a product and share it with their friends/family if they have a video to share. And it’s a given that the more a product is being shared online, the more successful its launch will be.

Create a Lasting Marketing Tool

Your product has launched, but that doesn’t mean marketing stops. The good thing about using marketing videos for product launches is that they can be used to continue marketing efforts even after the initial launch. It has been proven time and again that videos are not going out of style. With a product marketing video, you will have a lasting tool to attract new customers and remind existing customers just how great your product is.

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