Why Your Business Should be Using Instagram Stories

As social media platforms remain at the precipice of many business’s marketing efforts, some questions remain regarding the effectiveness of Social Media Stories in attracting customers and boosting sales. A growing phenomenon, Stories have become one of the most prevalent aspects of social media platforms in recent years. However, because of their format with content that only lasts 24 hours, some businesses do not see the worth in investing time and money into Stories.

In response to doubts surrounding Social Media Stories, we got down to business and did our own research to find out if and why they are worth the investment. For the purpose of clarity, we have focused our research on one specific social media platform, Instagram.


Instagram has seen a major increase in the use Stories, with 500 million+ users watching or creating stories each day.
Of all the stories posted on the platform, 1/3 of the most viewed stories come from businesses
200 million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily.
60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram

Why Stories are Effective

The statistics prove that businesses are benefitting from Instagram, in particular the Story feature, but why is that?

When Instagram users click through to view Stories, they are aware that the content is not there to stay. If something catches their eye, they must decide immediately to either stop and view it or risk missing it forever. This sense of urgency encourages users to engage with the content before it’s too late.

Another important component of Instagram Stories is their full-screen size. This means that when a user comes across your business’s Story, it is the only thing that will be visible on their screen. This allows you to have their full engagement for however long your story is being viewed.

How to Execute Instagram Stories

Depending on how you decide to execute Stories, they can actually be one of the most simplistic components of your marketing strategy. Unlike other social media posts, less time is required to make Stories look perfect. Instead, you can use them to give your audience an inside glimpse into your business. Taking on a more casual approach will allow you to be more authentic, showing users who you and your business really are.

Because Instagram Stories are time sensitive, you can create them with specific things in mind. For instance, if you are having a one-day flash sale, you can post a Story without having to worry about removing it because it will already be gone in 24 hours. Stories allow you to create content that is relevant in this exact moment, right now.

We recommend taking full-screen video footage and images regularly, so that you can keep up with your Story in a consistent manner. This can also allow you to repurpose different content. Instagram offers an abundance of features to help make your Stories more engaging. From surveys and polls to prompts that allow your audience to ask immediate questions, the opportunities for engagement are endless.


With so many individuals using Instagram and Instagram Stories to discover and engage with different brands, now is the perfect time to consider implementing them into your marketing strategy. Instagram Stories offer many ways to reach and engage with audiences, allowing your brand to try things out and decide what works best for you. If you have any questions about Instagram Stories or any other social media marketing possibilities, call Rip Roarin Productions at 267-597-2477!