How 360 Product Photography Can Benefit Your Business

Digital marketing and its methods change every day. So much so that even the technologies we utilize to market these products and services are changing as well. Businesses are always doing everything they can to follow new trends in order to have continued success in the future. 360° Product Photography is a new service offered by many companies to keep their business ahead of the game.

What is 360° Product Photography?

When advertising a product, the first thing a customer is going to look for is an image. Whether or not your visuals will appeal to your customers can make or break a product’s success. So, what can we do to ensure we make the right call? 360° Product Photography is a new trend that many businesses are incorporating into their marketing and sales process. This type of photography takes a product and is capable of creating stunning photos 360° around the product to create still shots, videos, interactive photos, and more.

Creating the best photos for your product is important. Those photos can be used for eCommerce sites, Amazon listings, trade-show displays, and more. The goal is to make your brand visible. Customers want to see pictures and are much more likely to stay engaged and even share visual content. With this will come more brand awareness and, consequently, sales.

Illustration of a high heel shoe being photographed using 360 photography

How does 360° work?

Products are placed on a white turntable up to a white background. This, paired with the lighting and photography software, creates perfect images from all angles and makes it seem like the product is floating. Rip Roarin Productions offers three unique services with 360° photography: Still Shots, 360-Degree High-Resolution Video, and 360-Degree Interactive Photos. These options will not only engage customers with eye-catching visuals but provide an interactive online experience.

Ideal for independent websites and/or Amazon listings, Still Shots are a type of product photography that will ensure that every shot is a crystal-clear image of your product. With precision shooting, lighting, post color correction editing customers will be able to see every detail they’re looking for.

360-Degree Interactive Photos allow for a fully user-manipulatable image. Customers simply drag their mouse over the object to examine every corner of the product. The 360° aspect gives off a feeling comparable to holding the actual product. The photos will come out crisp, professionally lit and color-corrected for a next-level customer experience.

Similar to the interactive photos, 360-Degree High-Resolution Video creates 360° of your products on a continuous loop. The camera paired with the turntable and software provides crystal clear detail and a smooth rotation for a seamless video.

Graphic illustration of a photo shoot with lights and camera for 360 shoot

How does this help me?

People visit your website, Amazon listings, social media pages, etc. every day. Everyone who pays a visit will see what you or your company has to offer but they still cannot interact with the product directly. The only fundamental disadvantage in this day and age with online shopping compared to a physical retail store is that there is no chance for a physical experience. Enter 360° Product Photography. Customers cannot hold the product yet, but they can interact with it and see every angle possible. Leave the customers with little to wonder and give them the experience they want and deserve.

Take some time today to learn about the ways the digital marketing world is changing. Learn about what successful businesses are using that is helping them succeed. 360° Product Photography is still fairly new but growing fast. Fortune favors the bold and so it can only benefit you and your business to explore new possibilities. Make sure your business is prepared with the right tools to stay ahead of the curve. For help with your 360 product photography needs, call Rip Roarin Productions today at (267) 597-1477 or contact us online.