How to Enhance Email Marketing with Videos Breathe visual life into stale, boring inboxes.

It may be time to look for ways to boost your marketing strategies. Though some things remain constant, such as the effectiveness of email marketing, there are now ways to increase your email campaigns’ success.

A growing trend in email marketing is implementing videos into your campaigns. Adding videos into your traditional emails has been proven to pay off. Don’t believe us, we’ve done the research to prove it! Below are 4 ways that you can engage your audience by including videos in your emails.

1.Highlight Your Brand’s Message – Demonstrating to customers what your brand really is can be a challenge, but video is one of the best tools for doing just that. Incl...


Rip Roarin Studio – Virtual Meetings & Events

As meetings move from in-person to virtual, it can be problematic to host a large meeting or event from your home office space. Whether you have dogs barking, children studying, or simply don’t feel that your equipment can handle the task, there are some offered spaces you may consider utilizing. Rip Roarin Productions is excited to announce the opening of our new Studio, one such space located right in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

If your work from home studio isn’t quite cutting it, Rip Roarin Studio may be the perfect solution. Our all-new studio is stacked with professional equipment to help you make the most of your virtual meetings. Whether you are looking to live stream a to...


Video Production – A Key Asset to Your Sales Team Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the United States economy came to a halt early in 2020 due to mandated closings of businesses not deemed essential, many employers have been forced to implement work-from-home strategies. Though manageable for some industries, these work-from-home efforts have become especially tasking for members of sales teams who rely heavily on in-person interaction to help close deals. The loss of this direct personal engagement, though detrimental, may be offset with the introduction of video production in your company’s sales process.

Video Marketing and Sales

According to HubSpot’s list of top marketing statistics in 2020, 80% of video marketers claim that video has directly increased sa...


Why Your Business Should be Using Instagram Stories

As social media platforms remain at the precipice of many business’s marketing efforts, some questions remain regarding the effectiveness of Social Media Stories in attracting customers and boosting sales. A growing phenomenon, Stories have become one of the most prevalent aspects of social media platforms in recent years. However, because of their format with content that only lasts 24 hours, some businesses do not see the worth in investing time and money into Stories.

In response to doubts surrounding Social Media Stories, we got down to business and did our own research to find out if and why they are worth the investment. For the purpose of clarity, we have focused our research on ...


Creating a Company Narrative Through Video Marketing

As the digital world continues to take over, many companies are implementing video marketing in order to create content that their current customers will be likely to share, thus reaching more people online. While video marketing continues to increase in popularity, there is growing concern over what type of content is most effective. If you are looking to reach new people and expand your business, one of the most operative video marketing strategies is creating a narrative that not only introduces your products and services, but also highlights your company’s passions.

Consider which brands are gaining popularity in recent years. Most often, it is those that have a story to be told. Th...


Why You Should Consider Video Marketing When Launching a New Product

Are you getting ready to launch a new product and concerned that you don’t have enough done in the ways of marketing to help it take off? It may be time for you to consider video marketing as a tool to show off your product before it hits the market.

If you’re hesitant to believe that it is actually worth the investment, we’ve compiled a list of ways that video marketing can benefit your product launch.

Get People Excited

Using videos will allow you to build customer’s anticipation in the time leading up to a product launch. Depending upon how well your video is done, it can have the potential to draw thousands of people to your product before it is even available. Yes, ...


8 Proven Tips for Creating Testimonial Videos

When customers are considering your product or service, it is important to make them feel confident in their purchase. You need to ensure that they know your product or service is worthy. However, if the information is only coming from you it may lack some believability. Testimonial videos are a proven sales and marketing tool that allow your customers to hear how awesome your product or service is from an outside source: other customers.

Though testimonial videos are a phenomenal strategy, they can be tricky to get just right. That is why we have compiled a list of tips to help you produce the perfect testimonial videos.

Forget the Script
Make Sure the Interviewee Has Time to Prepare
Plan a Lay...


4 Ways Video Marketing Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Of the many things that go into running a successful business, perhaps the most important is maintaining customer loyalty. In fact, upwards of 65% of most companies’ business comes from existing customers. With the rise in popularity of marketing video production, there are now more ways than ever to hold on to existing customers while simultaneously growing your consumer base.

Below are four ways that your business can use video marketing to increase customer loyalty.

1. Increase Customer Engagement

According to one Facebook executive, within the next two years, their social media platform will become all video and no text. This is because most people now prefer video to text when it com...


10 Need-to-Know Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

More companies, large and small, are recognizing the power of putting their workplace and/or staff in front of the camera with video marketing. However, we still meet many people who are not sure if video marketing can be effective.

Rip Roarin Productions understands your apprehension. As we continue into the second month of the new year, our minds are full with fresh ideas for progress in 2019. If you’re a fellow business owner, we’re sure you have the same feeling of motivation. But how can you make a better marketing plan for the future without first truly knowing how something performed in the past?

How can you know if video marketing can be effective without a progress report?...


What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing?

In the simplest terms, video marketing is using a video to market your product or business, but in reality, it is so much more. Video combines elements of music, audio, and visuals in a way that is engaging and memorable to potential customers. People are more likely to watch and remember a short video than read and understand an article.

In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by different types of media. As our attention spans grow smaller, we look for quicker ways to absorb information. Video marketing is the perfect solution to keep up with our upgrading world. But where do you begin?

Planning your video

The first question you have to ask is what do you wan...